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F6 E80641

Michael Fischer / Gerald Roßbacher



The series Farbübungen / color exercises consists of several sketches – simple quickly written scripts of generative software – which explore various color spaces and turn them into (moving) images. These sketches are extended and improved, and grow into software for installations, music performances or are output as films.


Farbuebung 6
(color exercise 6)




Starting from a randomly generated starting point, Color Exercise 6 takes us on a journey through the RGB color space.
The three components red, green and blue are interpreted as spatial axes. Constantly following the same direction, we wander through the color space and leave a trace in the form of a slowly changing color gradient on the screen/canvas.
The music’s tonal texture – humming drones, sizzling surfaces and sonic beatings – is derived by the constantly changing color values, and can be manipulated and expanded by means of subtle to strong interventions by Michael Fischer and Gerald Roßbacher.