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A world in which one can’t meet other people. Not in the same physical space. But only by means of technology. Only as part of a new kind of network. Mankind divided into billions of single cells. Mankind united as one giant universal being. 


How can those cells communicate with each other? How create things within groups of cells that serve the same function? How communicate their creations to the other cells within this giant being? What heights can be reached when we leave abuse of individuality behind and become one?


BMKOES (Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts and Culture) asked chmafu nocords’ !nterpenetration to take on the mission of answering all these questions. Well, ok, maybe not all of them. And definitely none of them comprehensively. That’s simply not possible. But what we can do is take a quick leap into them and use our creativity, curiosity and delight in experimentation to see what answers we can come up with nevertheless.

Therefore chmafu nocords’ !nterpenetration will invite 12 musicians to invite people they would love to work with and dive into a world of massively heavy weightlessness with them. Create music together without meeting in person. Find new ways to make it interesting. Avoid repeating what they did when they were able to meet physically and do the new thing. Find ways to present this music to an audience. Again not pretending and repeating an impossible stage experience but creating something new and unique. Something only possible because of our new powers. The powers of being the cells of a newly created being.